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More Abundant Life is dedicated to bringing about the more abundant life in Jesus Christ by establishing the kingdom of God in the lives of God's people through the authority of God's Word and the power of His Spirit. 

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Charles von Hammerstein is a born again Christian who has dedicated his life to the study and exposition of the scriptures for over 20 years. He has written numerous articles and books, including The Kingdom of God versus Christianity, The Orchestrated Gospels, The Orchestrated Epistles, and Perfection of the Word. He is a teaching elder of New Covenant Christian Center International and oversees the School of Christ Bible College to train disciples who can fulfill the Great Commission. He has been to the Philippines, Kenya, and Uganda preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, feeding the hungry, clothing the poor, visiting the sick and those in prison, and discipling leaders in the government of God and the doctrine of Christ.




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Charles' very first missionary journey to Kenya in 1995 left him with an indelible love for the nation and a compassion for its poor. Ten years and seven journeys later, he has begun to fulfill what he has always known in his heart to be God's call for his life. In May, 2005, he was sent and planted in a small village in northwestern Kenya along with his wife, Joyce, and their two children. He works closely with the elders of New Covenant Christian Center International in Siaya. He oversees the house of God, a discipleship training center, a food ministry for the poor, and in time, an orphanage.




Charles (in green shirt) distributing gifts to the brethren in Siaya, Kenya





Joyce (in red) with the sisters in Siaya, Kenya.

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Joyce von Hammerstein's extensive experience in early childhood education and administration has fully prepared her for the establishment of similar ministries in Kenya. In 2007 she helped open a nursery school that has grown from 45 to 100 in two short years. She has assisted many people in the church obtain medicines and medical care when they become ill with malaria, typhoid or pneumonia. Always the encourager, she is a tremendous blessing to the Kenyan sisters as she teaches them how to fulfill the Titus 2 women's ministry.

Charles and Joyce are home on an extended furlough and are available to present a slide show presentation of their work in Kenya. Charles is availabe for speaking engagements about the ministry and also concerning any of the topics discussed in his books (present or future). You can email us through our Contact Us page.

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